The *NEW* Fortnite MARVEL KNOCKOUT LTM is DRIVING ME NUTS!!! (Fortnite Gameplay)

The *NEW* Fortnite MARVEL KNOCKOUT LTM is DRIVING ME NUTS!!! (Fortnite Gameplay) – having a blast playing this awesome video game! ✅Do this, it’s FREE! – ✅Catch me on Livestream! –

What’s up E-Fans! I hope all is well with you and that you’re keeping healthy and safe!

Back with another banger video! After all the Forrtnite Marvel Knockout craziness the other day, I played a few more rounds of Fortnite Marvel Knockout with my best friends BaddBleep and Psycho Got Drip! Woohoo!!! The Fortnite gameplay definitely kept us at the edge of our chairs, especially when trying to get a Fortnite Trio Win in this LTM game mode! LOL!

It was pretty crazy and competitive! As per my sentiments before, some of the weapons were crazy overpowered while others we kind of weak. Aaahhh!!!

Fortnite Marvel Knockout was definitely a challenge for me on Fortnite, but I really had a fun time playing. I’m totally enjoying the fun of Fortnite gameplay Season 4! 😀

What do you guys think about the Fortnite Marvel Knockout LTM? Is it a game mode you like playing, or do you think Epic Games should have done something else with the mode?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this Fortnite video with my boys BaddBleep and Psycho Got Drip. I do hope you find it fun and entertaining!

Let me know what other content you’d like to see. I’m open to any suggestions or feedback to keep you guys happy!

Also, let me know if you would be interested in sharing your own clips of Fortnite gameplay that will be featured in one of my Fortnite montages. I think it would be cool! I’d also like to start playing and filming clips with you subscribers out there!

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