I SKYBASED Over The NEW MAP! AND THIS HAPPENED! (Fortnite Gameplay Season 4)

I SKYBASED Over The NEW MAP! AND THIS HAPPENED! (Fortnite Gameplay Season 4) – having a blast playing this awesome video game! ✅Do this, it’s FREE! – https://bit.ly/2ZLxUP5 ✅Catch me on Livestream! – https://bit.ly/3fGdYSq

What’s up E-Fans! I hope all is well with you and that you’re keeping healthy and safe!

Back with another banger video! Today’s Fortnite challenge video is where I try playing Fortnite while skybased above the map in hopes of actually winning! Aaahhh!!! It was totally heart wrenching and kept me at the edge of my chair! LOL!

Finding a quick way to gather materials while avoiding another player trying to eliminate me… all while avoiding the storm, was definitely a challenge for me on Fortnite. I’m totally enjoying the fun of Fortnite gameplay Season 4! It wasn’t as much of a winning experience for me, but still quite a bit of fun! Soooooo close yet so far! Hahaha!

Oh well!

I didn’t really work on my Fortnite gameplay in this challenge, but the video game totally kept me on my toes. 😀

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this Fortnite challenge video of being skybased over the new map, because it was fun for me! I do hope you find it entertaining!

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