Fortnite Gameplay – Showing Some Fortnite Love

Fortnite Gameplay – Showing Some Fornite Love is what I’m doing to have a little online gaming fun with Fortnite while I’m stuck in the house playing video games! LOL!

What’s up E-Fans! I know it’s been quite a while since my last video, but I’ve been crazy busy. School and basketball had me focused on those priorities and playing video games or online gaming time was cut to a minimal!

Anyway, now that we’re sticking to staying at home, I thought I’d finally take the time to make a new video with some online gaming footage of playing Fornite! I know, I know… I’m a Minecraft gamer, but I thought I’d do something new and different to spice up the gaming content! 🙂

I haven’t played Fortnite in a long time, so I’m a little rusty… but I was able to pick up on gameplay quite quick.

Please don’t mind the transitions and cuts. My desktop PC has been giving me problems as of recently so most of the time I’m lagging. 🙁 I’ve gotta fix that up before I make vids on sweaty gameplay!

Enjoy and let me know if you want more Fortnite videos!

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