Crazy Clutch Squad Win (Fortnite Gameplay) – Raise the Cup Tournament

Crazy Clutch Squad Win (Fortnite Gameplay) – Raise the Cup Tournament while clowning around and having a blast playing this awesome video game! ✅Do this, it’s FREE! – ✅Catch me on Livestream! –

What’s up E-Fans! I hope all is well with you and that you’re keeping healthy and safe!

Back with another banger video! Today I’m posting a squad match my friends and I had during the Fortnite Raise the Cup Tournament. It was crazy exciting with the different personalities involved in the game. Lots of screaming… lots of attitudes… quite a bit of complaining. LOL!

But it paid off during this match because my friend Hayden went crazy clutch and won the squad match for us at the end. It was definitely entertaining and action-packed with him around. Hahaha!

Once again instead of using face cam, I am showing my keyboard and mouse setup since most of you who watch me on Twitch comment with questions on key settings and keyboard position.

I’m always working on my Fortnite gameplay as there’s always space for improvement. 😀

Well, I hope you enjoy this Fortnite gameplay because it was fun for me!… and you can see by my friends that they had some crazy fun too!

Let me know what other content you’d like to see. I’m open to any suggestions or feedback to keep you guys happy!

Also, let me know if you would be interested in sharing your own clips of Fortnite gameplay that will be featured in one of my Fortnite montages. I think it would be cool! I’d also like to start playing and filming clips with you subscribers out there!

I’m also thinking of making some merch. What do you think?

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